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One Call...

WE fix IT ALL!

If you have a vehicle that is not running, call Ron Gillette, Inc. to get towed to our shop, where our technicians will work to get it running again. From tow-in to drive-out your vehicle will receive expert care from skilled mechanics trained to analyze, repair, inspect and maintenance your vehicle. You can get any of your auto repair needs taken care of at Ron Gillette, Inc. from basic routine maintenance to major diagnostically analyzed issues.


Our  technicians have years of experience repairing vehicles from the smallest of motorcycles to the largest piece of equipment. We use the most advanced equipment to diagnose any issues you are having and will communicate any actions that we deem needed so you aren't surprised with a large bill. We do the work right and as affordable as possible. Whether you own one vehicle or manage a fleet of vehicles, Ron Gillette, Inc. has the resources to perform routine maintenance to reduce the threat of repair-related down time. Let us check your tires, brakes, transmission, and suspension. Ron Gillette, Inc. is also able to provide PA state safety and emissions inspections. If you need help passing either of these tests we have the knowledge to fix any issues and to make sure you are safe on the road.

Keep your car on the road longer!
Call 724-226-1222 to schedule REGULAR MAINTENANCE for your vehicle with our garage crew!

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